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Spring Warm Up Rules

The Tournament will be played in accordance with FIFA rules and adhere to USYS age group and number of players changes, with the following additions and exceptions.  


Teams must register electronically by uploading scanned images of their player passes, roster, and Permission to Travel (if needed) to  Further instructions on this electronic registration process will be provided one month before tournament.  Each team must submit their credentials to the Tournament Director to include:

  • Primary Team Player Passes for team member participating and for any guest player
    • For U09-U12 teams, 3 guest players are allowed*
    • For U13-U19 teams, up to 5 guest players are allowed*
  • An official team roster documenting affiliation with appropriate governing soccer association including any guest players
    • Guest players should be written in at the bottom of the roster with name, DOB and pass number included
    • *All primary and guest player passes must be from the same certifying organization as the team's Official Roster.  For instance, if the roster is a USYS roster, the passes must be USYS passes.  Similarly, if the roster is a US Club roster, all passes must be US Club passes.  No mixture of passes will be permitted.
  • A permission to travel form signed by their association (teams outside of Region 1 only)


This tournament is open to boys and girls teams in the U9 to U19 age groups.  U9/U10 ages play 7v7 with a maximum roster size of 14 and will be using NEW USYS Standards for play with build out lines, no heading, and no punting, U11/U12 age play 9v9 with a maximum roster size of 18 and will be using NEW USYS Standards, and remaining age groups U13-U19 play 11v11 with a maximum roster size of 22 (only 18 players may dress per game).  No player may be rostered or play on more than one team during the tournament. ALSO, USYS NO heading and punting apply to younger age groups.

3. LINE-UP: 

The Referee or Field Marshall may request a coach to surrender player passes and coach passes to the Field Marshal or the referee prior to the start of the game. Should the coach fail to comply prior to the start of the game the team will forfeit that game immediately. The passes will be returned after the game.


All players on a team must wear the same colored jerseys and each jersey must be numbered distinctively with no number being repeated. Teams are requested to bring alternate jerseys. Where both teams have the same color jersey, the team listed first in the game schedule will be designated as the home team and the home team will be asked to change their jersey. All players must wear shin guards when playing in a match. Socks must be worn in the pulled up position covering the shin pads or guards and shirts/jerseys must be tucked into the shorts.


  • U9-U10 two (2) 25 minute halves
  • U11-U19 two (2) 30 minute halves

Teams are expected to play at the scheduled starting time for each game. If a team has seven (7) players available, play will begin. Any team more than ten (10) minutes late will forfeit the game. The other team will be given six (6) points for the win, plus four (4) bonus points for a win by a 3-0 and a shutout.


Any game which must be stopped due to unplayable field conditions will be resumed as soon as possible at a time and field location designated by the Tournament Committee. The referee and Tournament Director are the only individuals that can determine if the field is unplayable. If games cannot be played during the time frame defined by the tournament, the games will not be rescheduled and standings will be determined by all other games played.


A size 4 ball will be used for U9 to U12 games; U13 to U19 age groups will use a size 5 ball.  Each team should provide a game quality ball to the referee prior to the start of a game.


Regardless of possession on goal kick, goal, half time; with possession on throw-in. Note if team with possession chooses to make a substitution, the opposing team may substitute. If an injured player(s) is replaced, the opposing team may substitute an equal number.


A substitute may not be sent in for an ejected player nor may an ejected player be a substitute. An ejected player or coach is ineligible for the next scheduled game. A player ejected for fighting is ineligible for further Tournament play. Any ejected player or coach may not be present at the game field location during the time of their suspension.  An ejection will also be deducted, minus one (-1) from bonus points.


An accumulation of three (3) cautions or an ejection and a caution to a player or coach will result in an immediate dismissal from the Tournament.


U9 and U10 games will have one head referee.  All other games will be officiated under the three (3) referee system when possible; one referee and two assistant referees. There may be times were fields may NOT have a 3 man system due to availability of field assignment changes by  assignor. All will be USSF-licensed referees. (Note that this is most dependent on the availability of referees on this busy tournament weekend.)


Once a team is accepted into the tournament, there will be no refund issued. If a team must withdraw before the acceptance list is posted, a check, minus $150, will be issued. See Tournament Cancellation below for further information regarding refunds.


In the event of a forecast of severe weather conditions or other events that would require the Tournament Committee to cancel the tournament, team contacts as specified on the Registration Form will be notified by email and/or phone of the cancellation prior to the tournament start. If the tournament is cancelled prior to the start meaning no games have kicked off, refunds will be decided by the Tournament Committee after accounting for all incurred tournament expenses. If the event is cancelled in part, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to refund teams with a credit towards future events and will be determined at the conclusion of the event.


Teams will be placed in four (4), five (5), or six (6) team divisions. Each team will be guaranteed three games.


The number of points accumulated will determine the order of finish and bracket placements.  The calculation of points by GotSoccer will be the final authority on results.

Teams will be awarded points on the following basis:

  • Six (6) points for each Win
  • Three (3) point for each Tie.Zero (0) points for each Loss.
  • One (1) point awarded for each shutout.
  • One (1) point awarded for each goal scored, up to 3 per game.

In the event of a tie in points at the end of bracket play; the winner for advancement to a Semi-Final or Final will be determined as follows:

A. The winner in head to head competition. In the event of a 3-way tie, even after the elimination of 1 team through tie-breakers “B”, “C”, “D”, and “E”, the head to head tie breaker is NOT used. There is no reverting back to tiebreaker “A” in a 3-way tie.
B. Goal differential, maximum of 3 per game (Team wins 4-0, only counts as 3, not 4 in goal diff.)
C. Fewest goals against.
D. Most total wins.
E. Most shut outs.
F. Total Goals Scored 

If a tie still exists after steps (A) through (F), FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark will be taken fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the Semi-Final game.

Tournament Director may alter the time based on field availability and tournament needs.


For any playoff game that is tied at the end of regulation time a standard penalty kick period will be held.

17. AWARDS: 

Individual player awards will be provided to the Champion and Finalist team in their Division.


In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Director will have the authority to change games as follows:

  • Relocate or Reschedule any game(s)
  • Change the duration of game(s)
  • Cancel any game(s) which have no bearing on the selection of the divisional winners
  • Preliminary matches terminated after one half of play because of weather shall be considered final


​​​​​​​No protests will be entertained. All penalties will be handled by the Tournament Director of designate, who will have the right to exclude a team, coach, or player(s) not acting in accordance with the Tournament rules. The decision of the Director is final.