Fee Structure

Details on each of the 2020-21  Penn FC Youth fees are provided below:

REGISTRATION FEE: The registration fee for the 2020-21  soccer season has been set to $185 per player and covers club related costs such as equipment, program administration, club operations, insurance, registration costs, maintenance, and field use. This fee will need to be paid within 72 hours of acceptance of a position on a Penn FC Youth team in order to confirm a player’s spot on a roster or that roster position may be offered to another player. The registration fee is non-refundable. 

Sibling discounts are available for the Penn FC Youth registration costs again this year. To qualify for a Penn FC Youth sibling registration discount, a family would need to pay for the registration of two children at the $185 rate each, then any additional Penn FC Youth registrations for siblings beyond the first two non-discounted registrations would be free. In addition, once a family pays for the Penn FC youth registration of two children at the non-discounted rate of $185 each, then any siblings participating in a LDSA program (Kiddie Kickers, ESD, SOLD, CHLD, or TOPS) would be eligible for sibling discount on those programs as well. Questions about those discounts can be directed to the Club Operations Manager at COM@PennFCYouth.com

Please note that the Penn FC Youth registration fee 2020-21 soccer season does not include the uniform kit for the year. Uniforms will be ordered directly through our exclusive uniform supplier as discussed below. 

UNIFORM FEE: 2020-21 Uniform Package will be announced closer to tryouts. 

PROGRAM FEE: The Program Fees for Penn FC Youth teams for 2020-21 have been structured such that the fee includes all anticipated team tasks for the 2020-21 season. 

In an effort to give parents and players a clearer understanding of both the financial and time commitments of each level of team at each age group prior to tryouts and a player’s acceptance of a spot on teams, individual team plans have been established and will be provided to all participants attending Penn FC Youth’s tryouts. The individual team plans provide a comprehensive list of the anticipated activities, events, and trainings for the 2020-21 soccer season and the per player program fee cost for the team for those specific items. The program fee will include items such as tournaments and showcases, fall league entry and referee fees, summer soccer camp (U9-U12 teams), winter indoor facilities cost, state cup entry and referee fees, and if the team is professionally coached, the coaching fee and the coaches overnight travel allowance for tournaments out the area. Again, please note that this year’s program fees are accounting for all anticipated activities. The individual team plans and program fees were customized by team depending primarily on coaching status (professional or parent coach), age group, and level of anticipated competitions.

If necessary, Penn FC Youth may need to substitute one activity/event listed on the posted team plans for another comparable activity/event. For instance, substituting one tournament for another due to whether a team was accepted or appropriateness of bracketing compared to other accepted teams. 

Parents will again have the option to pay the program fees in one lump sum in August or participate in the program fee installment plan that will be detailed on the individual team plans. However, payments will be made to Penn FC Youth directly rather than through team managers. Parents will have multiple payment options and be able to track their account balances through the online payment system.  

Please note that by formally accepting an offered position on a Penn FC Youth team through the Penn FC registration system, parents/players are acknowledging the required obligation to fully pay the Program Fees for the 2020-21 soccer year as listed on the individual team plans provided at the Penn FC Youth tryouts.