General Information

All Players need to Pre-Register for tryouts via the registration link. 

Players interested in playing on an Penn FC Youth team should attend the tryouts scheduled for their age group.  In 2016-2017 US Soccer (youth soccer's governing body in the US) changed the age range requirements for teams. Player registration is now based on a player's birth year instead of school year.  Our club along with every other soccer club in the USA must comply with this requirement.

Players should tryout in their age group but may also tryout for older age group teams.  No additional registration fees are required to tryout in an older age group.  A player who attends tryouts in an older age group may be advised it is better for their further development that they play in their actual age group.

Every attempt is made to hold fair and open tryouts.  No team placement is guaranteed.  Roster spots must be earned through the tryout and evaluation process. Evaluators will provide their assessment and compliment current coaching staff evaluations.  Our goal is to select the best players trying out for the top Penn FC Youth teams and form additional travel teams as ability levels indicate.

Participants should pre-register for tryouts using the link provided under the 'Registration' tab above. On the day of your tryout, please arrive 30 minutes prior to the tryout start time to check-in and warm-up. The tryout fee is $20 regardless of how many tryout sessions attended.  This fee includes a t-shirt.

To give yourself the best opportunity to be evaluated and placed on the best team for your ability, you are encouraged to attend both tryouts for your age group.  

Our goal is to make team selections within a week of the last tryout in that age group and to notify players of selections by either email or phone. It is expected that players acceptances be made within 72 hours of a roster spot being offered.  If a response is not received within 72 hours that roster position may be offered to another player.