Considered second team in Penn FC Youth.

Expectations and Commitment for time and travel will be at a high level.


  • 90% Attendance Rate
  • If player participate in activities outside of Penn FC, even balance in missed events.
  • Penn FC Youth supports multi-sport athletes.


  • Annual Schedule/Budget will be provided prior to committing
  • Will apply to the highest level of competition suitable for team
  • Typical Travel will be balanced between top/medium local and regional events


  • 2x Per Week with a 3rd Night Option
  • Pool Training with appropriate age groups will be the structure
  • Player Responsibility: Ball Manipulation (1-8)
  • Player Responsibility: Corever Cuts (1-8)
  • Weekly Skill Journal: (Juggle, Ball Manipulation, Corever Cuts)


  • Teams will follow a multiple 6 and 12 Week Block Curriculum
  • 12 Week Block Curriculum: Intensive focus on the Rondo and SSG Methodology
  • Attacking Possession Team through Rondos, Technical Accountability, Pass Strings
  • Older Players will receive Professional Penn FC Youth Email Tag


  • Coach Led, Player Driven -- Player’s Desire or Need for More
  • Parent involvement is limited.
  • Parent sideline communication will be silent outside of provided soccer terminology